Photo by Tom D.

Today is Day 28 of stay-at-home orders.

The irony and upside of sheltering in place is that it gave me the perfect holiday – I can stay home, but I can still see and talk to friends and family.

Two separate virtual meetings with both sides of the family: one using Zoom, the other using Google Hangouts.

The verdict: Google Hangouts is way better.

Charlie put together a huge Easter spread for just the two of us. Ham (just for him), green bean casserole, leftover stuffing from Thanksgiving, cranberry sauce, noodles, sweet potatoes. We are blessed with a ridiculous abundance of leftovers, and honestly, it makes me feel a little guilty. If you are local and want some extras, I will leave you a small care package on the front porch.

We are now planning a playdate between all of The Brothers.

Complete Disasters


I seem to have developed an ear infection out of nowhere – probably picked up from Typhoid Charlie and his exposure to kids.

Both Charlie and I are complete disasters at the moment: me with my ear infection, and he with his terrible cough, general sinusitis, and recent development of Hairy Eyeball. (He thinks he’s got a cat hair stuck in his eye, I wonder where that could have come from?)

I’m hoping that I don’t feel so poorly that we won’t be able to make a sojourn down to Cincinnati to see The Brothers, including my brother, who would be coming up from Louisville.

If I find that I will, in fact, live through this trying time, I’ll have updates from my mini-vacation.


Author’s Note (May 27, 2018) : I had strep throat/ear infection, and Charlie had pink eye. We stayed home like a couple of bubonic shut-ins.