Had lunch up in Macedonia with K today. Since there isn’t a huge bevy of options, we hit First Watch again, and instead of the protein bowl, I opted for the roast beef sandwich.

If you’re a fan of roast beef sandwiches, I recommend the one from first watch: it includes caramelized onions and sun-dried tomatoes. Even though I don’t have a huge appetite on this new medication, I ate the whole damn thing. Which means that poor Charlie took out five chicken breasts for dinner for no reason.

I followed K to the consignment store to do a little window shopping while she consigned some clothes. I appreciate the patience and willpower people have for consignment shops. I personally cannot stand having paid $30 for a shirt, be offered $2 for consignment, and see the shop turn around and sell it for approximately a hojillion dollars. Someone in that equation is getting screwed, and it ain’t the consignment shop.

I almost bought a couple of blousy tops, but ended up passing. I’m sure I just threw out well over $500 in makeup I was never going to use, and I still need to konmari my own closets – I know there are things I’ll never wear, are now too big, and things I haven’t worn in 30 pounds. I just don’t really need to add to it. Maybe when I’m not on a tight budget and after I’ve unburdened myself of the junk I already have.

I’m trying to live lighter. In addition to cleaning out the vanity, my office bookcase, and my intentions to go through closets, I finally cleaned out my car. I threw so much crap away. Why have I been carrying around all of this crap for so long? Why did I feel so married to keeping it? I don’t know, but it felt really good not to leave the consignment shop with more stuff.

NaBloPoMo’13: Day 2, Showering

The Bride to Be grew up in Mansfield, which is city-adjacent to where I attended college, and also where Charlie started his career, so I’d spent quite a bit of time there. But that was about 7 years ago, and it’s been a long time since I’d traveled down State Route 30 and gotten off at Trimble to head into Mansfield.

Mansfield had largely been build around manufacturing, and in the Age of Outsourcing, the city declined. Most of my experience with Mansfield has been in the less-than-affluent sections of town, so it was a nice change to travel to the part of town that wasn’t acutely impacted by the exit of the steel mills. The last leg of the trip to my destination felt as though I had turned down a street in Mansfield and ended up in Cleveland Heights, city-adjacent to the town where I grew up. I don’t know how true it is for other people, but I will spend the rest of my life comparing where I am to familiar places I’ve been.

At any rate, it was nice visiting with the Bride to Be and her Maid of Honor, who I’ve known for 10+ years, but really only get to see once or twice a year. At any rate, they are both so like family, I might as well say that they are. There is a picture of the three of us, taken after the shower, floating around someone’s camera, so I’m going to have to be a pill until it’s sent to me. I’m looking forward to putting it on the mantle with my other family pictures.