NaBloPoMo’12: Friday 5 for November 23, 2012 – Black

I did not do any Black Friday shopping this year. It seemed a little tacky that some places opened at midnight to cram shoppers in, so I opted out with a therapy session in the morning, and lunch with the Stribz and Charlie in the afternoon at No. 1 Pho.

In Speckle news, she’s been around to the point where I didn’t even need a live trap to catch her, I was able to pick  her up and bring her in. She got a good bill of health at the vet and is going to go for shots tomorrow. She is such a sweet, mellow thing.



I wish I could keep her; but with Roxie and Reese right now, there’s no way I can take a third cat. I am carefully vetting adoptive parents for her though, rather than just dropping her at the Humane Society.

As I type this, she’s zonked out on my lap from playing kitten games all day.

I’m looking forward to telling you a happy story about where Speckle will be living forever.

Onwards! To the Friday5!

  1. What’s your favorite black article of clothing?
    I have a lot of black clothing, it’s pretty much the staple of my wardrobe. But right now, my favorite piece that I’m wearing all the time are  by black platform boots that go with my dresses and most of my skirts.
  2. What’s the best black food?
    Of the foods that I can think of, blackberries are at the top of the list.
  3. How did you pass the time during your most recent extended blackout (power outage)?
    It was at work, when randomly, half the block went out. Before they released us, I sat by my office window and read a book on my iPad, then I went with the Knuckleheads to the atrium and had lunch with them.
  4. When did you last play blackjack?
    Ages and ages ago.
  5. What are some songs in your iTunes (or other media player) whose titles contain the word black?
    Strong Black Vine, Tori Amos
    Black Star, Radiohead
    Supermassive Black Hole, Muse
    Black Mud, The Black Keys
    Black Tongue, Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Black Like Me, Spoon
    Black Cadillacs, Modest Mouse
    White Men in Black Suits, Everclear
    Black, Pearl Jam
    Spin the Black Circle, Pearl Jam


NaBloPoMo’12: Friday 5 for November 16, 2012 – I’m Trying to Preposition You

Busy Friday. :/

Let’s Friday5 instead, shall we?

  1. What’s something that’s better on the rocks?
    Dewar’s, or so I’m told.
  2. Whose behavior has been beyond belief?
    No one’s that I can think of…
  3. In what way do you color outside the lines?
    I definitely dance to the beat of my own drum most of the time. You can ask anyone I know.
  4. When were you recently relieved to be in the clear?
    I had a due date for a paper pushed back. That was pretty awesome.
  5. What seems to have disappeared without a trace?
    My motivation to finish this dang semester, that’s for sure.


NaBloPoMo’12: Jockey

I have an exam tomorrow, and let’s just be proud of the fact that I started studying tonight. I have a feeling that I’m going to be pulling it out in the zero-hour tomorrow.

I have no idea why this semester is my least-motivated semester, but I am having the worst time getting engaged with the material, which is a bummer because I love the subject matter. We also have a group project, and I feel like all I’m doing is herding cats. I can’t get anyone to get on board.

Is this somehow related to the fact that the last group project I did was for the capstone class, and I had four other group members who were highly engaged and motivated through the process because graduation depended on it? I mean, I was working with people who were in constant communication, were very good about bouncing ideas off one other, and willing to meet at any/all times so that we could get stuff done. This group? Not so much.

As much as I’d like to be the taskmaster and push relentlessly to get this project done, I’m also combating the fact that I just can’t get my energy into it. I could ride them like a two-penny hooker, but I just don’t have it in me right now. All I can do is the little break-off tasks I’ve given myself that work behind the scenes to keep the project rolling.

But anyway, wish me luck tomorrow. I have a pretty decent handle on the material, it’s just going to be remembering it all that’s the tough part.

NaBloPoMo’12: Diet Goth

I’ve been going through a kind of conservative punk phase lately with my business wardrobe. A lot of black as the base, with jewel-tones mixed in. I’ve also been throwing in my ankle-strap platform heels or my high-heeled platform boots. Today, I also wore my leather cuff and my faux gauges.

I follow Morbid Fashion on Tumblr, and I do like to see the grown-up version of Goth, and it’s kind of interesting how my wardrobe parallels that fashion sense a lot. It’s not something that I consciously decided on when putting my wardrobe together, I just have a predilection for black mostly.

I have a friend who describes me to her friends as if “Ann Taylor was going through a punk phase.” I think that’s pretty spot-on for the most part. And I think I really like that fashion motif. I’m going to go with it.