CSU sent an email this morning about Fall 2011 grades being released, and I rushed to the computer to find out.

I’m so glad that the last two weeks proved to be worth it. I’m certainly glad that I’m in the proverbial clear this semester, but I still have no idea how my grade was this high, given how impossible I found the final exam.

But hey, I did it!



Well, that semester is over….

I wish that I could say the radio silence was worth it, and that it all paid off in the end, but only about 25% of what I studied (which, for the record, was 50% of the book) was on my final exam tonight. I really curious to know where he came up with the topic for the exam, because I don’t remember reading about any of it – and I read every single chapter of that textbook, which in  my entire education tenure, I have never done.

So, now I wait until Monday to see what grade has been posted and what my academic fate will be. I’m actually very nervous.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of Annual Yule Weekend, wherein Charlie and I bundle ourselves down to Columbus to see Heather and David and all of our other Heather and David Friends to celebrate Christmas, friendship and make toasts and oaths for the new year.

I finally did it right this year and took both the Friday and the Monday off of that week. Friday so Charlie and I could have date night, and Monday, because, without fail, some abominable weather pattern moves in that weekend and I end up struggling to drive home in a blizzard. Knock on wood, let’s hope that I over-prepared this year and have not poked spiteful Mother Nature in the eye, challenging her to a duel.

But, really, two whole days off with no school obligations? I definitely can dig that release.

Letting the Stays on the Corset Out…

For those that have their finger on the pulse of my Twitter, you may have surmised that I spent the entire weekend working on the final paper for the six-week marketing analysis class I am in.

If I had the luxury of billing for my hours on this, I’d be a thousandaire.

On Saturday, after a 12-hour day of paper-writing, I was feeling pretty crabby that I missed out on having a relaxing weekend, missing out on things I hadn’t even had planned and thinking, “God, I seriously hope this MBA pays off.”

Today, I feel like I finally have my life back:  in the last two weeks, this class had consumed my whole life (between two case analyses and final, large paper). I lived and breathed this class anytime I wasn’t at work.

Things I am looking forward to, now that my class is over:

  • 4-day weekend in Pittsburgh with Charlie
  • Finishing The Help
  • Finishing The Nasty Bits
  • Getting started in a new fitness regime (new gym? maybe.)
  • Completing a few Zentangles to get back into the groove.
  • Maybe getting in a weekend at Lake Milton before Charlie’s school year begins.

I think I may even spoil myself with one of those roasted-veggie quesadillas today.

Yes ma’am.

That Guy

The Boy started a new school year this week; which I helped him prepare for by populating his calendar on Google with all of the events pertinent to him in his two-schools and district-wide for the remainder of the calendar year.  I always love that feeling of newness in the school year, and the excitement of things to come.

I’m starting my two-days-a-week classes at CSU next Tuesday.  I’ll be back at the downtown campus, which is a little weird for me as a graduate student.

When I went to AU, I was a full-time student-in-residence (well, I had a dorm on campus, but I didn’t spend any time there), so I was very connected to what was happening on campus on any given day.  When I went to Tri-C, there was no on-campus housing, and it was considered a commuter- and part-time school, so activities were pretty limited.

But now that I’m a commuter and grad student at CSU, I feel very disconnected from the campus scene.  Not only do I not live on campus, but I also only attend classes for a fraction of a week there.  I still get all the email posts about the goings-on, but very little of it pertains to me.

It’s just a weird feeling to be academic and at the same time out-of-the loop.  50% of me wants to be involved – some of the events on campus look pretty cool, but the other 50% of me is very reserved: I don’t know anyone on campus, I don’t even spend the daytime hours on campus, and no one wants to be the creepy grad student lurker who shows up in a sea of undergraduates.

Wow, that last rationalization made me feel old.  There is 8 years between me as a young grad student and incoming freshmen.

Maybe it’s better that I don’t try to relive my glory days of UG interloping on my graduate school campus’ festivities…


Somewhere in between recovering from Dallas and dealing with an illness in The Boy’s family, August has pushed through and here we are in the middle of it.

The Boy starts a new year at school next Monday, and we didn’t really spend any time together this summer.  We don’t spend much time together during the year, either.  Our vacation was cut way back this summer because of the family illness….

The Browns played their first pre-season game against the Packers and won.  As always: love football season, a “thumbs meh” to the actual sport.

My fall semester at CSU starts on the 31st.  I’ll be taking Management/Organizational Behavior at the downtown campus two days a week, but the upside is that the class ends at 7:50 pm, so I won’t be getting home ridiculously late.  For the first semester in my MBA tenure, I have all of the reimbursement paperwork in to both CSU and my company, as well as the first payment from my set-aside education account.

I’m ready for fall to get here.  This transition time is my favorite of the year.