What Dreams May Come

Charlie and I have been together for almost 18 years, which, if you’re doing the math at home, is almost 50% of my lifetime.

That said, we only got into (official) Communal Living, and Six-Figure Debt in 2013. So, for the first 11 years of The Grand Experiment, we not only lived in separate households, but separate ZIP codes, and three counties apart.

I still, as recently as last night, have dreams about us living apart. The theme about these “Living Apart” dreams is one of two things:

  1. We are, in fact, married, but he still lives in in Ashland, and I’m living at home with my parents. And I get very frustrated that we have not yet bought a house that we can live in together, or
  2. We are married, and working the jobs we currently have (me in Cleveland, he in Ashland), but we live in Ashland, and why, God, why haven’t we bought a house that’s not in Ashland?!

The first scenario is always much more unsettling when I wake up than the second. I’m equally distressed by both scenarios as I’m dreaming, but it’s weird that my subconscious may still be getting used to the fact that yes, a Major Lending Institution agreed with us that Charlie and I were totally good for the six figures we swore we’d pay back in a timely fashion.

River Run 2013

Charlie’s been running for about as long as he’s been on his fitness regime. He started with basic 5Ks, but when he saw the awesome medals that the Capital City Half Marathon handed out for their quarter- and half-marathon finishers, he began training for longer runs. For a while, a knee sensitivity had him sidelined, only planning running a quarter marathon at his longest clip.

Being the competitive family his is, when Charlie saw Ada registering, running, and placing in half-marathons, Charlie wanted to do the same. He spent the better part of 6 months strengthening his knee so that he could run in the 2013 River Run.


Being a huge fan of Matthew Inman’s The Oatmeal, of course he related to The terrible and wonderful reasons I run long distances. I think he can relate to “Part 2: The Feeding,” (you haven’t seen what he can do to Fourthmeal), I relate to “Part 4: Vanity” (more on that at a later date), but he feels he relates most to “Part 1: The Blerch.”

When Matt listed his Blerch shirts available for sale in the store, I had to get one for Charlie. There was some doubt as to whether it would arrive on time, but Hermes himself smiled on us, and I had it hanging on the banister of the stairs as a surprise when he came home from the away football game for the high school.

I thought there would be a couple of people running with Blerch shirts, but as far as I could tell, Charlie was the only one. I really hope it was entertaining for anyone keeping pace behind him during the race.

The night before the race, Charlie wanted to get waterproof earphones. The ones he normally used (janky ones that came with his phone, I think) would get covered in sweat and cut out, crackle, and generally sucked. I thought it was kind of neat to peruse the running-specific training equipment. Part of the reason I took up golf (which I eventually abandoned because, boring), was for the super cute clothing.

I enjoyed picking my way around compression sleeves, toe-socks specifically for running, and sports-geared ear buds. We ended up picking out a pair of Yurbuds. They were $30, and the only thing different between them and regular ear buds is a silicone sleeve that goes into your ear. That said, I’m not one to quibble if they work (and they did). Now, I’m saving pennies to get a pair of the women-specific ones, which is great, because I have tiny ears and have been athletic-taping my ear buds in when doing cardio.

Both Charlie and Ada ran in the half marathon. Ada’s live-in ladyfriend and her sister, the third brother and his wife, their mom (my mother-in-law) , and I sent them off at the beginning of the run, and waited for them to cross the finish line about 2-ish hours later.


I’ve been to a couple of Charlie’s races, and I always get lucky as hell at my placement at the finish line for being able to see him finish.  I get my spot early and park it until I see him finish. This is probably why people find me boring at get-togethers: I’m a park-and-partier, seldom leaving my seat to mingle.

Aside from Charlie and Ada being my favorite finishers, one gentleman got down on his stomach on the finish line and log-rolled himself across. I did not get a picture, but I wish I had.

Ada crossed the finish line first. No surprise: his stride is longer, he got the tall genes.


Shortly after the 2-hour mark, Charlie crossed too, mugging for the official camera.



I’m also kind of a jerk: I had Charlie grab me a bagel from behind the corrals reserved for the runners because I’d missed breakfast. I did not plan ahead.

All in all, both Charlie and Ada had a good run, and I was able to get a rare non-Chandler’d picture of Charlie. I’ll be printing it, framing it, and putting it on the mantle.



After spending the rest of the day at Charlie’s parents’ house, Charlie started looking up the 2014 Capital City Half Marathon. Apparently, the half-marathon bug only burrowed deeper.

And because I like shiny neckwear and dislike being the odd man out, I said that I’d do the 5K portion of the race.

I guess I better get to training, then.

NaBloPoMo’12: A Scandal in Suburbia

Tonight was “make up Halloween” on my in-laws side of town, so while Charlie and I watched A Scandal in Belgravia, my mother-in-law sat in the wasp room (apparently, they’re having a problem with wasps (not the Protestant kind) in the house, and as such, have quarantined the living room), waiting for trick-or-treaters.

By the way, A Scandal in Belgravia was awesome, but I totally did an, “Oh, come on!!” at the end.

There were only 5 trick-or-treaters this year, a record-setting low for them.

Since moving out to Chestertucky, I think there have been a total of five trick-or-treaters in my whole tenure. Even Charlie, down in Ashland, only had one this year.

What happened to trick-or-treating? Have we replaced it with “trunk-or-treating” so that our kids are safer? Do kids just not trick-or-treat in lieu of having Halloween parties at school?

I look back on my time trick-or-treating with great fondness, having two huge blocks I could cover in an evening. And it was about showing of your costume to the neighbors (and for me, being the weirdo innocent voyeur I was, seeing how people lived by what I could see in through their front doors), and hoping you ran into friends so you could see their costumes.

And there’s part of me that thinks that if kids don’t have that now, that’s a bummer. I feel like they’re missing something vital to the fabric of their childhood. But I suppose that is the lament of those getting older. Experiences become different for each new generation, but maybe no less steeped with meaning.

NaBloPoMo’12: Comfort Food

I should have started this post earlier, because I had way more to say before I got tired.

So, lesson learned: write NaBloPoMo posts earlier in the day.

Charlie felt bad for me in my bad days, so we went out to Flour for comfort food. I had the pork tenderloin & belly on a bed of polenta with brussel sprouts. It doesn’t get any more comforty than that.

We’ve both decided that in our Top-5 beers, Kentucky Bourbon Barrel holds a firm grip. That stuff is amazing, and this is coming from a person who generally will not drink bourbon.

We had a really good conversation about what we wanted to do with ourselves in the future.

All in all, a good way to round out the day/night. I’m glad I put in the effort to put on makeup.

Happy Daylight Savings, all!

Friday 5 for October 5: Specific Favorites

So, I had every intention of getting up this morning and doing cardio to balance the strength training I’d done 2x this week, but yesterday ate me alive, and I was up very late all this week cramming reading in, so I opted to wuss out and just get up at “regular time.”

I regret nothing.

This weekend, Charlie and I are headed out of town, so I’m hoping that I’ll be escaping from cloudy Cleveland weather and can enjoy the leaves changing with some sunshine.

I think we’ll be taking Charlie’s ride, and since we’ve established that I don’t drive stick, I’m off the hook for driving and can get caught up on all of the items I’ve Pocket’ed through the week (including a boatload of fanfic) and read through them.

I may even try to get ahead in my textbook for class. Maybe.

Anyway, onward! To the Friday5!

  1. Where is your favorite tree?
    I have a tree in my memory that is/was on my family’s farm. It was a weeping willow near the pond. I think of that tree a lot when I see a weeping willow. I think that weeping willows, next to Japanese maples, are my favorite tree.
  2. Where is your favorite chair?
    My favorite chair currently is the down-stuffed sofa that belonged to my grandmother and got passed on to my mom. It’s a more formal sofa, but because the cushion is stuffed with down, it’s a great place to take naps.
  3. Who has your favorite hair?
    I love Wisely-Chosen’s hair. Love, love, love it. Every iteration.
  4. What’s your favorite mug (or other drinking vessel) like?
    It’s the bright orange, 32oz plastic stein I got this summer at ComFest. I use it as my drinking glass at the office. And that’s how I get 4L of water in a day.

  1. Where’s your favorite parking spot (not at home)?
    Probably my clandestinely-gained one in the parking lot at my office. Keeps me out of the elements!

Source: f.riday5.org