January 13, 2023 – Friday 5

I took a look at this week’s Friday 5 and immediately felt weird. I have issues about talking about myself positively. It’s a whole thing. I’m working on it.

What’s your best physical feature?

My face, I think. I get complimented a lot on my eyebrows. The dirty secret is that they’re mostly drawn on.

What aspect of your personality do people seem to appreciate most?

My humor. I know women aren’t funny (/eye roll), so it’s been mentioned a couple of times by people that I am funny. I do like that about me.

What skill are you proud of?

My strategic skills. That I look at the Gordian Knot and start picking apart the loops to a cogent step-by-step plan of execution.

…The executional tactics need a little practice.

What are you right about?

My superpower is being able to identify people by voice alone. It’s turned into a fun party trick. If I know the person’s name, and have heard them speak (TV, real life, podcast, etc.), I can nail it.

I have to know their name, though. If I didn’t match the name to the voice, I can’t do it.

Who appreciates you?

I’m coming to find in my growing life experience that a lot of people do. I’m working on getting better at recognizing and appreciate people appreciating me. It’s a process.

Source: Friday.5