December 30, 2022 – Friday 5

1. Among people with whom you are not personally acquainted, who most made you laugh in 2022?

Pat Finnerty’s What Makes This Song Stink

2. Among people with whom you are not personally acquainted, who most inspired you in 2022?

All of the different Zentangle artists I saw and used for inspiration for my own work.

3. What were your food discoveries in 2022?

  • City Pop Sushi in the old office neighborhood
  • Monarca Mexican restaurant in our neighborhood

I also discovered that I can exist on a semester-long diet of occasional fruit, occasional carrot sticks, occasional snack bags of nuts, and pizza. I am not proud of this; I’m just saying.

4. What were your music discoveries in 2022?

5. Where will you be when the clock strikes midnight on January 1?

Zonked out at home.

Source: Friday 5 for December 30: Out with the old

December 30, 2022

End of the year culling is ruthless. I went through my Amazon Wishlists (4 of them), my eBay watchlist (98 items), my Etsy wishlists (7 different lists, 600 items) and wiped them out.

I’m NEVER going to buy these things! I don’t need 16 different butter molds! No one does! I haven’t pulled the trigger on that Anne Klein dress in the 9 months since I listed it. I’m never going to buy it! (And if I do after 9 months, I can assure you it’s not because I needed it.)

I know why I hoarde these things – we all know why I do these things – I’m just mashing on that dopamine button and getting that tiny thrill by “capturing” it. It’s akin to a demented version of Pokemon catching.

The problem becomes when these items sit available and waiting in shopping limbo. Then I see them sitting and waiting while I’m shopping for things I’m actually going to use; “Well, shit: might as well get that completely unnecessary thing, too.”

Better for my wallet and my real estate, then, to make a concerted effort once a year to do a ruthless culling and obliterate the lists.

Every year, my sister in law gets rid of [year] number of items for the corresponding year. 2022 items in 2022; 2023 items in 2023…you see where this is going. I’ll have in the back of my head to do the same thing for 2023, but I’m ALSO going to count all of those wishlist items, as well as YouTube & podcast subscriptions, Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest follows.

It’s all still “stuff;” physical, digital, and mental clutter.