September 24, 2022

I see a lot of posts on Twitter of people looking to home rescue animals, and I don’t pay them too much mind. First, because Roxie was an only child through-and-through, and also, I can’t drive to Delaware, or Georgia, or Texas to go get a cat.

But Flo’s owner’s granddaughter was looking for a new home for Flo when her grandmother (Liz) was moving into assisted living. Liz lived in Mansfield, which is a very doable drive.

Something about the post, about seeing Flo’s first photo, just spoke to me. And I launched headlong into seeing if Flo could be our next pet.

She came over as a test run to see if she fit in, and other than being generally skittish (who wouldn’t be?), she fit in just fine.

Since July, she’d been in Liz’s home by herself, all alone, with kindly neighbors coming in to feed her and clean her litterbox. Flo is very sweet, very quiet, and we are just giving her time to get acclimated to us and our routine. It’s going to take her time to get used to being around people every day, but we are hopeful.