August 20, 2021

I was rear ended on Carnegie. I left for lunch with my cousin up in Cleveland Heights, and on the way, got absolutely creamed.

The car is totaled, the person that rear-ended me ended up under my car up to the middle of their hood. The frame of the car is bent. Surprisingly, my air bags did not deploy, and I walked away from the accident without a single scratch.

I had to hitch a ride to the precinct with the Cleveland police, as I was not allowed to ride to the auto body shop with the tow truck. My parents eventually came by and gave me my brother’s car to drive (he’s living in Los Angeles right now, and left his car behind).

I stopped at the urgent care in Medina on my way home, just to get a full post-accident check-up for insurance and what have you. I’ve already put in a call to our “car guy” to hunt for a new car for me. Given that I walked away from this accident without a scratch, I’m only going to buy another Toyota Avalon.