July 25, 2021

First vacation for me in over two years.

I met Charlie and The Brothers down at Dillon State Park and Cabin 6 for a lengthy weekend. I joined them in Wednesday evening after getting a client through their summer social.

I’d worried and fretted over what to do with Roxie. We originally got the pet deposit on the cabin, thinking that we’d take her with us. As we got closer to leaving for vacation, the reality of her fragility became clear, and my MIL kindly offered to do Rox’s twice-daily feedings and medicine administration.

When you write out the very detailed instructions for the care of an elderly cat with high blood pressure and kidney disease, it dawns on you just how many adjustments you’ve made in your day-to-day routine for her care. We could have left Rox at the vet, but that’s not her home. We could have had a pet sitter come in, but…it’s a lot for someone to just walk in to. I’m very grateful for my MIL for helping out.