April 27, 2020

Yesterday, while watching CBS Sunday Morning, and finishing breakfast, we heard a knock on the door.

“What did you order,” Charlie asked me, only a little bit accusatory.

“I’m expecting an eyeshadow palette, but it’s not supposed to be here until tomorrow,” I replied, a little testily. Because sometimes, people come to the door – not in a pandemic, mind you – for reasons other than my affinity for online shopping.

It wasn’t until I heard someone descend down the front porch that I realized the knock called for more than the cursory, remember to go get the package off the porch that I usually give it.

I checked the window, and saw a regular car in the driveway, looking like it was getting ready to pull away.

“That’s a delivery from Heather and David!” Charlie yelled from the couch, and I ran to the front door to throw it open.

It was a GrubHub delivery from the donut shop, Circles on the Square — and this is where I have to admit I’m mostly bad at my intentions of shopping locally. Because even though I’ve driven past Circles on the Square a million and a half times, I’ve never actually ordered anything from them.

But thank Bob for good friends that miss you, and dip your toe in local waters for you. We’ve eaten almost all of them, and they are delicious cake donuts (my total favorite) with delicious toppings.