April 7, 2020

Of course, the days run together, and you wonder if it really is Blursday, or perhaps maybe Smarch 87th. Most days run a lot like this:

6:30 amwake up, feed the cat, make coffee, shower, watch the news, put on makeup
8:30 amstart work
12:00 pmlunch break with a nap on the couch (finally, I’m able to give into my baser instincts while working from home)
1:00 pmback to work
4:30 pmfinish work for the day
4:30 – 10:00 pmwatch the news, surf Reddit, read a book, go for a walk around the block, go to bed

And on, and on, until quarantine is lifted.

Working from home is fine…. I miss the routine of going into work, working at a space solely dedicated to work, and the odd event that I have to attend.

I do like the nap part in the middle of the day, though. It’s a lot better than the occasional Hobo Nap I’ve had to take at work.

But for the most part, the schedule is largely unchanged, I just never change the ZIP code I’m in to do any of the things that I normally do. I am working shorter hours, and I wonder if that’s because there’s less work to do, or because my the nature of my brain needs me to be on-location to find small projects for myself to do.

I’m happy that The Apiary has never stayed this tidy for this long. Being gone 11 hours a day makes it hard to justify the extra 5-10 minutes it takes to make the bed every morning. But that extra time doesn’t really matter when your commute is 25 feet. If it takes 21 days to really build a habit, making the bed and folding clothes after each wear will have been firmly ingrained in my brain.

Things I am Looking Forward to Doing After Stay-at-Home Orders are Lifted

  • Actually commute downtown to work
  • Get the car washed
  • Spending an entire afternoon mindlessly wandering around TJMaxx
  • Getting a haircut
  • Going out to a local restaurant to eat, and lingering over dinner
  • Going to the post office
  • Going to Drug Mart and actually being able to pick up a bottle of counter-top cleaner
  • Having brunch with K, MissLyss, or literally any (every) one in my contact list
  • Having The Brothers come stay at The Apiary Bed & Breakfast
  • Going to Sunday Night Dinner at my in-laws house

And I promise to be more mindful and not complain about the annoying aspects of the above listed in the future.