March 13, 2020 – Friday 5

1. In what ways have recent events altered your everyday life or your plans?

On the plus side, personally, I’ve been a complete hermit as of late, so my personal schedule of Work -> Home -> Couch -> Bed has stayed largely uninterrupted. Unless I am staffing an event, and then I’ll be out in throngs of people. But even then, as a staffer, no one is shaking my hand, or getting close enough that there is a substantial risk of me inhaling their germs.

In the events management field, there aren’t quite flames coming out of the tailpipe, but we’ve moved a board meeting to teleconference only, another client has canceled their conference, and I’m in a holding pattern, waiting to see if my committees still want to host the events that they have planned in April. (Update: as of writing this paragraph, one event has already been canceled.)

I’m supposed to go to Vegas at the end of April for a client conference, and as of today, there is no plans to cancel, but Charlie is less than thrilled at the idea of me getting on plane to head out there. We’re going to play that one by ear.

My job could very well be done from the comfort of my home, but that is not how the owner wants it to be set up. We’ve taken a few baby steps toward remote work if that’s where this goes, but there’s no plan for us to work full-time from home as of yet.

2. Where’s a good place to dine out if you want to practice comfortable social distancing?

Just eat at home, really.

ESPECIALLY after you cleaned out the entire grocery store of flour !! Make yourself a damn loaf of bread from scratch.

3. How’s your mood lately?


What I need to do is get the fuck off of social media, because all it’s doing is making me utterly fatalistic and most definitely un-patriotic (hint: America ain’t that great and never was).

4. If you’re forced to isolate at home for a couple of weeks, what would be your primary source of entertainment?

I have a jillion books on my “Want to Read” list on Goodreads, so I would start by plowing through that. (I am smitten with Word Runner on my Kindle, which has made reading nonfiction much more efficient.)

But at the same time, I’d like to take the time to actually get away from the slug life and catch up on laundry, clean the house the way it really needs to be, and keep whittling away at getting rid of the crap I don’t need.

5. How do you think you’d be able to handle two weeks of isolation at home, assuming whoever you live with (if anyone) would do the same?

Governor Mike DeWine has already canceled school until April, so Charlie is guaranteed to be teaching from home.

IF our company goes the work-from-home route, we finally have an office that can fit both he and I working in it without being on top of each other. I have gotten so good at working at at open office bullpen that I could largely ignore him.

Don’t get me wrong — I love the man very, very much — but he is as extroverted as I am introverted and there is a reason we don’t take long staycations together.