June 14, 2019 – Friday 5

1. Are you more of a Ross, Chandler, Joey, Monica, Phoebe, or Rachel?

“Fun” fact: I was not allowed to watch Friends when it originally aired, which really helped me add to already lonely lunchtime conversations at grade school, so that’s a thing.

At any rate, as a result, Friends never really resonated with me, so I have no idea what this question really asks.

Actual Fun Fact: any time I have to enter my name in group game play, it’s always “Chanandler Bong” because it makes me laugh.

2. Which Muppet would you most like to date?

Probably Kermit, but his current girlfriend is a total psycho, and I like having a non-keyed car, so pass.

3. Which Wizard of Oz character do you most identify with?

Whichever one wanted to be anywhere but set in that story.

4. You’re in one of those heist movies with a whole mess o’ expert specialists. Which are you?

The project manager. Manager of Heist Operations.

5. Which member of the Brady Bunch would you most likely be good friends with?

Again, sorely out of my pop culture element on this.

Source: f.riday5.com