May 10, 2019 – Friday 5

1. What were you doing before whatever you’re doing now?

Responding to emails and going through my RSS feed.

2. How do you feel about movie trailers?

90% of the time, it’s the only part of the movie I’ll ever see.

3. Where do you stand on appetizers in restaurants?

Appetizers are the perfect JulZ-sized meal most of the time. Exactly the food that I want to be eating, without any of the extra frills. It’s pretty much how I eat at home.

4. What’s something you do warm-up exercises for?

5. What preconceived notions do people have about the area in which you live?

That Cleveland is still gross enough that the Cuyahoga River still catches fire regularly. It does not. But I still won’t eat any fish caught in it.