July 6, 2018 – Friday 5

Doing a Friday5, since I haven’t blogged anything super substantial lately.

On deck for this weekend: Charlie’s college friend is getting married on Saturday, and we’re going with my parents to Blossom to see “Roger Daltrey Performs the Who’s Tommy With The Cleveland Orchestra.” My dirty little secret is that the only song I know from The Who is the one that played at the beginning of CSI: Las Vegas. This should be interesting.

  1. What are your favorite and least favorite nuts?
    Most favorite: cashews (even though they are totally legumes).
    Least favorite: Brazil nuts.
  2. What are your favorite and least favorite berries?
    Most favorite: raspberries, blackberries.
    Least favorite: there’s nothing that makes me want to rage quit eating a fruit salad more than a sour blackberry.
  3. What are your favorite and least favorite tropical fruits?
    Most favorite: mangoes, I love the shit out of a mango.
    Least favorite: papaya: they taste like soap to me.
  4. What are your favorite and least favorite varieties of M&Ms?
    Most favorite: peanut butter.
    Least favorite: all other varieties. A good way to keep me from eating your candy is if you set out a bowl of M&M’s.
  5. What are your favorite and least favorite raisin-containing foods?
    Raisins ruin everything. Fact.
Fun fact: bought this shirt for my MIL for her birthday one year. She and I are of one mind about beshitted raisins.

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One thought on “July 6, 2018 – Friday 5

  1. Ah, the anti-raisin camp. 🙂 Not even in Raisinets? I’m slightly annoyed about that t-shirt because I’ve recently designed a shirt saying SPRINKLES ruin everything, and I thought I was being original.

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