May 18, 2018

Had lunch up in Macedonia with K today. Since there isn’t a huge bevy of options, we hit First Watch again, and instead of the protein bowl, I opted for the roast beef sandwich.

If you’re a fan of roast beef sandwiches, I recommend the one from first watch: it includes caramelized onions and sun-dried tomatoes. Even though I don’t have a huge appetite on this new medication, I ate the whole damn thing. Which means that poor Charlie took out five chicken breasts for dinner for no reason.

I followed K to the consignment store to do a little window shopping while she consigned some clothes. I appreciate the patience and willpower people have for consignment shops. I personally cannot stand having paid $30 for a shirt, be offered $2 for consignment, and see the shop turn around and sell it for approximately a hojillion dollars. Someone in that equation is getting screwed, and it ain’t the consignment shop.

I almost bought a couple of blousy tops, but ended up passing. I’m sure I just threw out well over $500 in makeup I was never going to use, and I still need to konmari my own closets – I know there are things I’ll never wear, are now too big, and things I haven’t worn in 30 pounds. I just don’t really need to add to it. Maybe when I’m not on a tight budget and after I’ve unburdened myself of the junk I already have.

I’m trying to live lighter. In addition to cleaning out the vanity, my office bookcase, and my intentions to go through closets, I finally cleaned out my car. I threw so much crap away. Why have I been carrying around all of this crap for so long? Why did I feel so married to keeping it? I don’t know, but it felt really good not to leave the consignment shop with more stuff.