January 5, 2014

I could post some New Year’s Resolutions, which I still might. I may also post a year-end recap (might be a good idea), and even a post about my trip to France. But for now, here’s some liner notes about my trip to France that are bouncing around my head.

  • I prefer the Normandy region of France to the southern region.
  • For all the talk about French cuisine, I personally, was hard pressed to find fruits and veggies. Charlie asked me if I wanted to get pizza when I cam home, my response was, “No. Salad. Find me the biggest salad in Medina.”
  • What I lack in mental math skills, I make up for in navigational acuity. I’m going to chalk this up to overcompensating never wanting to get lost while taking public transportation, vis a vis…
  • I am really good at navigating the Paris metro (RATP).
  • I am very sad that Cleveland can’t get their shit together to build a better rail infrastructure.
  • Coming back from Paris, I’m surprised at how immune I’d become to seeing overweight people in the US. The “obesity problem” in this country really does appear to be an epidemic. That said, I have no idea what the answers are, but I could poke my finger in the direction of some corrective action.
  • I really enjoyed the accessibility and variety of a big city, and I could live in one. I would like living in one. But I love having the space out here in the suburbs. Again, I really wish Cleveland, it’s suburbs, and exurbs, had a better rail system.
  • Living out of a suitcase for a week — and having to repack it nightly — firstly, sucks ass; secondly, has really made me learn that I prefer to live a streamed-down life. So, when I recover from my second cold in a month, I’m going to go on a major purge.
  • Landing generally is uncomfortable on your ears. Landing with a cold is really unpleasant. Landing two separate times with a cold is agony. I was nearly in tears when we landed at Hopkins.
  • I’m really, really glad to be home.

2 thoughts on “January 5, 2014

  1. I noticed the same thing vis-a-vis obesity in Ohio compared to other places when traveling. I think part of it is that Europe and older countries have cities built around the history of more active transportation(walking, horse riding, biking) since that was what technology allowed when the cities began to grow, whereas the USA was built with carts/cars as the main form of transportation, so we get less exercise per day since we depend so much on driving.

    Just my ponderings. ;)

    Hope you had fun, despite the cold!


    1. I definitely think walking is a huge party of it: I wish I’d had my pedometer on, I’m sure I’d walked a few mill less just wandering around.

      I also speculate that the food itself had something to do with it. Yes, it was rich, but I also think that it’s the quality, too. There weren’t add many fast food restaurants, not as many foods out of boxes, few opportunities to eat processes foods. I speculate that that makes a big difference, too.

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