March 22, 2013 – Friday 5

I wish I didn’t feel all the time that I was using home-buying as an excuse for everything. Didn’t get my laundry done? Sorry: buying a house! Didn’t return your email? Sorry: buying a house! Didn’t put on pants today? Sorry: buying a house!

So, that said, I haven’t been updating or doing any sort of website staging, because – and I don’t know if you’re aware of this – but I’m buying a house. By the way, here’s my sage wisdom on the topic, from all of my experience. Do you like shitloads of paperwork, and near-diarrhea-inducing amounts of stress? In that case, might I suggest buying a house?

On the upside, in a short bit of reprieve from the mortgage madness, I’m bringing Charlie as my date to a marrieds-type get-together at a high school friend’s house with some other high school friends and their respective husband-types. This is the kind of thing I’ve been looking forward to since I graduated high school; I’m just starting 10 years late….

Please, sit, have a glass of iced tea and enjoy some Friday5 while I wish for Springtime for Cleveland (and Germany)/Winter for Poland and France.

  1. At a gathering of your usual social group, who’s almost certain to show up last?
    Despite the fact that it makes me insane that I am this way, I can usually be counted on to be the last if we are meeting at a restaurant. I have bad Get-Together Fu that way.
  2. Of chores that must be done this weekend, which will you probably complete last, and why?
    Probably packing for our move. I’ve been putting it off all year. Why stop now?
  3. Some TV remote controls have a “last” button. If you were to turn your TV on now and hit the “last” button on the remote, which channel would you be taken to?
    The TV is usually set to “3” so I can run the PS3 to stream Netflix/AMZ Prime. Before that, I was watching Bravo (about the only channel I watch anymore).
  4. Your task is to try one scoop of ice cream per day until every one of thirty-one flavors is consumed. Which do you save for last?
    Either strawberry or chocolate, because they are both friggin’ gross.  …Unless it’s Queen City Cayenne, in which case, I save it for last because it’s brutal to get through something so cold and so, so hot.
  5. When did you last have an awful meal in a restaurant?
    Sunday morning, March 17, 2013. The restaurant was disgusting, the service rotten, the clientele repulsive, and my hangover unrelenting. But, the company was wonderful, the whole evening magnificent, and the hot, buttery grits I ordered to soothe my drunk were glorious.