March 14, 2013

​As a lean-systems nerd, if you asked, I would tell you that I have streamlined my get-ready process to 1.5 hours, from shower to out-the-door. This includes shower, moisturizing, makeup, blow-drying, flat-ironing, wardrobe assemblage, lunch assemblage. I set my alarm for 5:40 every morning.

​I forgot to set my alarm last night and woke up an hour late at 6:30. On top of that, I realized shortly after getting out of the shower that something at work got FUBAR’ed and I had to hustle my ass​ to get in early to dry to do damage control.

I went from awake to pulling out of the driveway in one hour. I left the house 30 minutes earlier than I do when I don’t miss the alarm. I still had a full face of makeup on, my hair blown dry and flat-ironed, and I promise I remembered to put pants on.

​I’m thinking that there’s is some more leaning I can do in my process.