NaBloPoMo’12: A Saturday’s Worth

So, the latest update with the kitten is that she’s taken up residence under the back deck, but will come out for a nosh and a drink during the day. I’ve named her Speckle because she is white with gray spots. Perhaps we’ll get to the point where she’s okay enough that I might be able to snag her. At least I know where she is during the day, and I don’t think she’s going out to hunt. But I want to get to her so I can get her looked at.

Busy day of personal administrative stuff. More tomorrow. I feel better, like I’ve caught up. I also got in a lot of writing. I still have a few things I want to get done before the weekend’s out, but that’s doable.

Mandroid debuts tonight on Comedy Central. I’ve been waiting for this all year!

NaBloPoMo’12: Friday 5 for November 9, 2012 – TV Sitcoms

Some notes:

  • Skyfall was awesome, but surprisingly sexless.
  • Love taking the train downtown. Next time, we’ll have to wander farther from Tower City.
  • Some ladies were definitely over-dressing for karaoke at Noodlecat. Being the casual-type girl I am (in cowboy boots and plaid shirt last night), I have a hard time justifying getting super-gussied-up for a night of casual drinking.
  • Binkles and I decided that we want to try The Grotto when there’s more positive cash flow.

Let’s Friday5 , shall we?

  1. When was someone or something recently Too Close for Comfort?
    Someone I know knows that I have a “personal bubble” thing, so he was all up in it the other day, and I was muy incómodo.
  2. Besides yourself, who’s recently been in Double Trouble?
    No one that I can think of, unfortunately.
  3. What’s Happening?
    Lately? Trying to play catch up.
  4. Who’s the Boss?
    I keep telling both K and Charlie that they are not the boss of me, but there are times where I think I should just hand the responsibility over to them. Let them manage all of this. ::makes gesture around self::
  5. What are you most likely to be up to from 9 to 5 tomorrow?
    Working on my ever-burgeoning to-do list, and if I’m very, very good, I’ll get some pleasure writing in.


NaBloPoMo’12: Priming the Pump

It’s weird to have a day where I get a flood of visitors. Please don’t mistake my sentiment: I am so glad that people are reading, it just puts an interesting spike onto my stats, and days where I get “regular” traffic looks small by comparison.

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m not above groveling: please, tell your friends.

No news on the stray kitten. I added a heating pad to the box and set out some food, and left the garage open so she’d have a place to stay warm. I’m hoping I can socialize her enough that at some point I can grab her and get her to the vet, but if not, I’ll be able to at least rest easy, knowing she has food.

I’ve also found a bunch of my old favorites on Amazon Prime, so I’ve earmarked those to watch again, along with shows I missed the first time around, like Firefly (I know, nerd blasphemy), and Arrested Development (I know, good taste blasphemy). Since I’m a huge BBC/Masterpiece Theater junkie as well, I “watchlisted” several series from them as well, like Inspector Morse. I remember when I was younger (tweens and whatnot) my parents and I would watch a lot of British procedurals, so for me, this takes me right back to those good old days.

Binkles and I are going to see Skyfall tomorrow downtown. We’ll take the train down from Shaker Square, catch the movie at Tower City Cinemas, walk over to Noodlecat for dinner, and then catch the train home. I’m looking forward to it: I’m enjoying the time spent with Binkles in an environment where we can both be grownups and have fun. It’s a nice change from the fricative relationship we’ve had in the past.

Added bonus: I get me some Daniel Craig as James Bond action.

NaBloPoMo’12: On the Horizon

No word on the kitten. But I left a box with towels in it out on the deck along with some food. There’s no way I’m going to be able to catch the bugger.

It’s supposed to go into the neighborhood of 60-ish degrees withing the next week or so, but I think it’s time to accept the reality that winter is coming (see what I did there?). I need to switch out the summer/winter wardrobe (which I’ve never been good at; I also need to come up with a better system for storage and changing), I need to switch to the winter bedspread.

Per usual, I’m sure that it’s going to be the start of what turns into a much larger project. I could do it this weekend, while Charlie is at Conference, and I have uninterrupted weekend time. But I also need to think about studying for my exam that got pushed back, as well as working on the Emotional Intelligence paper I have due on the 20th.

Oh, it’s only Wednesday, but it’s already the 7th of November….

NaBloPoMo’12: Beat

Well, this post was going to be longer, but it was a full day of voting, doctor’s office, work, dinner with a friend, and class.

I was going to hop in the shower before bed, but two stray kittens were on the back porch, stranded. I tried to rescue them, get them into the garage and take them to Rescue Village in the morning, but they took off into the dark. I tried to look for them with my flashlight, but I couldn’t find them.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to them. …Actually, I’m pretty sure….

Nature is fucking cruel, sometimes.