November 15, 2012

Long day was long.

I wore my platform boots all day with nylons, so that by the end of the day, I had slid forward in them and I was crushing my toenails. Not comfortable.

Went to an event tonight and drank some Batch 19 beer. Not as good as Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale, but did in a pinch. I also stopped around the corner at CLE Clothing Company and got myself two buttons for my messenger bag, and Charlie a magnet and a sticker.

I parked my car at valet, and I swear to Bob that the attendant stroked my fingers when he handed me back my keys. It was creepy.

Took my second exam for Org Development, and I’m pretty sure I got a “meh” on it. This is in keeping with my waning motivation this semester.

I also got my graduation application back. Basically, I am cleared to graduate when I finish this course. Although, reading the scratch from the graduation office, I couldn’t tell if they meant hours and I was done, or I needed 3 more hours in addition to graduate. It was dicey there for a few seconds.

And with that, the covers my day! I’m off to start reading Raylan.