NaBloPoMo’12: On the Horizon

No word on the kitten. But I left a box with towels in it out on the deck along with some food. There’s no way I’m going to be able to catch the bugger.

It’s supposed to go into the neighborhood of 60-ish degrees withing the next week or so, but I think it’s time to accept the reality that winter is coming (see what I did there?). I need to switch out the summer/winter wardrobe (which I’ve never been good at; I also need to come up with a better system for storage and changing), I need to switch to the winter bedspread.

Per usual, I’m sure that it’s going to be the start of what turns into a much larger project. I could do it this weekend, while Charlie is at Conference, and I have uninterrupted weekend time. But I also need to think about studying for my exam that got pushed back, as well as working on the Emotional Intelligence paper I have due on the 20th.

Oh, it’s only Wednesday, but it’s already the 7th of November….