November 5, 2012

Oy, I think this time of year stinks. I woke up this morning for my morning workout, and was in the building before the sun came up, and got home from work long after the sun came down.

And there’s still a whole winter to get through. Blerg.

I am kind of hoping that I spend this holiday season more engaged that I spent Halloween: I did not even decorate my office, like I normally do. I wish I felt more engaged at school, too. I’m feeling a little like a cork bobbing in the ocean trying to get through this class, too.

Hey, did you know that Dana Scully was my age when she was assigned to work with Fox Mulder and began her work on the X Files? She’d been through both medical school and The National Academy by 28. By the time I’m 29, I will have gotten my MBA. I’m hoping I can avoid the whole alien abduction thing, though.