November 12, 2012 – Friday 5

I’ve had quite a day. I’d like to pretend it never happened, but what good would that do me? Wishes and hands and whatnot….

Let’s Friday5 instead, shall we?

  1. If you suddenly received a ton of money and could open up some kind of store or service just for the pleasure of having it (assume it wouldn’t have to be too financially successful!), what would it be?
    I would have an art gallery in a heartbeat, which would also house rentable studios in the back for artists to create their work, as well as hosting classes and consortiums for artists and lay people to learn different techniques, and for budding artists to learn the tools of the business side of the trade. Maybe in the next iteration of my life, I will do that.
  2. What service or store that no longer exists do you miss most?
    I miss having the cafeteria service at my school. It was nice to have someone cook meals for me and do the dishes afterword, all while I met and hung out with friends.
  3. What local business do you think you could make better if you were to take it over? And if you don’t mind sharing, what changes would you make?
    Locally? I dunno, there’s an uber-conservative coffee shop downtown that I would turn into a more beatnik bookstore cafe, I guess…. My neighborhood doesn’t have a lot of decent local-business type businesses.
  4. What spot nearby seems to be impossible for businesses to survive in?
    In Charlie’s neighborhood, a new shopping plaza was built, and one of the anchors in one of the sections originally was a Donatos, which didn’t last, and then a coffee shop, which also didn’t survive. There’s a definite feeling to the place that it would take a very lucrative business to survive there.
  5. We’ve all seen stores that combined books and records, beer and laundry, or coffee and whatever. One of my favorite places to get coffee in Honolulu is a cafe and florist, and there is a car garage that’s also a diner in a town nearby. What would be a cool hybrid of two disparate ideas for somewhere you’d like to hang out?
    Oh, the beer and laundry thing sounds totally awesome!  Gun shop and bar sounds like bad news bears…. Bowling alley and restaurant, maybe? Clothes boutique and martini bar? Hmmm…I’m drawing a blank on this one.