November 1, 2012

Here’s the short list for today:

  • Dinner at Luxe was delicious, I’d still pick my friend’s ratatouille in a taste test.
  • I’m starting to get way better at navigating my way around the pertinent hangouts in Cleveland.
  • My skin is already so dry this season that I’ve scratched bruises into myself for the second time in as many days.
  • It finally stopped raining for the first time in a week here, and some sunshine poked through for a minute. We’ve been living like mole-people here, Sandy!
  • Someone at work raided the entire leftover Halloween candy bowl of the Take 5s. I feel like that’s an HR issue.
  • I mean it: this weekend, I’m switching out the summer/winter wardrobe.
  • I’m going to kick it mad sleepy style tonight, I think I caught the munge that’s been going around.

Rock on with your bad selves, folks. I will see you tomorrow!