Ready, Set, Go?

Ready for some Inside Baseball?

As you may have noticed, posting here on The ‘Wycket goes through fits and spurts, punctuated by the usual November NaBloPoMo slog, wherein I get the fire in my ass to produce a post a day for an entire month. Then, I make these empty-type promises that I’m going to blog more, only to return to the regular irregularity of my usual posting schedule.

In the meantime, I’m decently active on Twitter, and Tumblr (oh yeah, I started a Tumblr, guys! Check it out!). Twitter became slightly cumbersome to post to when I traded in my smart phone for an iPad. I don’t regret the iPad; I do miss the hell out of the convenience of having a tiny device I can connect to the internet at a moment’s notice.

I’m working on remedying that at present, but I have no concrete timeline for that.

So, I then got the Tumblr because I’m finding that I like the short form for the expediency more than anything else. I like being able to reblog pictures with comments, and I like the feeling that I can produce way more content in a day that way.

Which is not to say that I don’t like the long form of WordPress (case in point, this entry), but I don’t really like the WordPress interface on my mobile devices, so there’s little-to-none “blogging on the fly” that’s going to happen through WordPress. I have lost count of the number of times I have scrapped the idea to do a blog post because I didn’t want to go through the rigmarole of doing it through WordPress.

I also have a branding problem, but we’ll address that in a minute.

So, for the most part, Tumblr has been one of the better ways for me to keep producing content because it’s just so damn easy to get my ideas out there.

I’d mused on Twitter last night that I thought about getting a SquareSpace website (heard about from Nerdist), and it was purely for the fact that I might be able to integrate WordPress (long form) posts with Tumblr and Twitter (short-form) posts. Again, I have to go the legwork to see if that’s a reality, but the idea pleases me greatly. For the sake of my neatnik habits, I can direct everyone to one website, but all of the content I’m producing in a day is being filtered through one place. And of course, there’s the possibility of integrating other services, like Flickr.

Which brings me to the idea of why I have a blog. I can assure you, at no point will I want to (or reality: be able to) monetize any part of StyckyWycket. This is in part because of my lack of consistency in the past, and going forward, not having anything to monetize.

For me, blogging has been a way of digesting, interpreting, and sharing parts of my life. Micro-blogging has been a way of commenting on life in a more immediate way. I enjoy the instant output of my creativity (as it were). At the same time, I don’t have a theme that I follow, or consider myself a “lifestyle” blog, so goal-setting and creating buzz has always been lackluster for me. (Maybe that will change, I don’t know. I have a feeling this is the first kernel in a larger nut that I’m cracking.)

In short, I keep this blog as an easy way to catalog my life. There are times when I would get really hung up on the reception of content from the masses (and yes, there always has and will continue to be a level of self-censorship, because I’m not a total idiot), but largely, anymore, this is just a tidier, quicker, and easier way of recapping my life.

I said a while ago that I wanted to make books at the end of the year from the content from my blog. I still want to do that, but this is the short list of what needs to happen before I can start doing that:

  • more posting
  • finding a better interface for posting
  • getting better physical tools for capturing my life
  • getting better at forward thinking for chronicling my life

Which is not to say that I want to start living my life behind a lens or a computer instead of actually living it. This process is about having better prescience to make the cataloging a seamless part of my life experiences.

I’m hoping to do that in part by moving to my own domain and a better integrative platform. And ultimately, I hope that readers will come with me, and I’ll try to do a better job of creating things that appeal to you along the way.