October 26, 2012 – Friday 5

NaBloPoMo is once again nigh. Given that it’s been given over to BlogHer, and I didn’t really care for the transition, I’m not sure if I’ll “officially” participate, but I’m thinking I’ll do it in spirit. It’s a nice tradition to have.

  1. What was the cause of your last working up a sweat?
    Getting my morning workout in the morning. I strength train three days a week.
  2. What routine part of your life seems to take more mental effort for you than for most others?
    Getting up the gumption to actually get a task started. It’s always the first hurdle that’s the highest.
  3. What’s something many others consider laborious but you consider rather easy?
    A lot of people have commented that they don’t understand how I stay so organized. But I think that I appreciate the fruits of my organizational labor so much, it never seems like work. Labor of love, I guess.
  4. What’s something you’re going to have to do really soon but have been putting off just because it’s going to be a lot of work?
    Most recently, and prescient, is getting the summer/winter clothes thing worked on. I was just thinking today how bad I am at getting my clothes switched in an out. I am dreading getting it done.
  5. Where’s the steepest hill in your neighborhood?
    I always joke that I live on Mt. Chestertucky, because you have to go down pretty steep hills to get away from my house. The nearest one is on Caves northbound where it goes down into Kirtland. That’s pretty bad, and I don’t really like to drive down it in the wintertime.

Source: f.riday5.org