October 12, 2012 – Friday 5

Even with a day off in the middle of this week, I still feel like I put in 6 days. Looking forward to getting away for a long weekend, spending part of it enjoying Fort Ligonier Days.

With that brief introduction, onwards! To the Friday 5.

  1.  What do you remember about high-school dances?

    I only went to one without a date, I went with my friend Alex, who’d brought a couple of guys that she knew (we went to an all-girls high school). Being the late 90’s, I was, of course, in a periwinkle-colored velour dress with glittery sparkles on it – so hot! – and fake nails painted the same color periwinkle that were in the neighborhood of 3 inches long; I’m pretty sure they were tips for acrylic nails that I painted over, too.
    Other than that, I have decent memories of high school dances, having a built-in date. I definitely wish I’d had some other dates: my classmates’ sister went to a dance with a guy I’d much rather have been with…. But that’s another story for another day.

  2. At whose house would you and your friends usually gather after school-related activities?
    During the week, I was not allowed to go out. I did sneak a few times to my boyfriend’s house to hang out and get home before 5:30. In the summer, the crew was just as likely to hang out at our house as my boyfriend’s as one of the other friends. It depended: we did end up at some houses we shouldn’t have been, though.
  3. Who in your school had a memorable nickname?
    I knew someone in high school whose nickname was Skeets. There were about 4 different stories as to where it came from. She and I had a tenuous relationship at the best of time, so I never found out the real story behind it.
  4. What was your high-school cafeteria like?
    It was a large atrium-like area: one side was windows and the front parking lot; the opposite side was a glass wall to the hallway, and the other side of the hallway was the courtyard; at one end was the lunch line and the kitchen behind that; opposite the lunch line and kitchen was the wall with the vending machines and microwaves. We had mostly round tables and long tables with stacking chairs, rather than the fold-down tables of elementary school. I usually sat in the corner of the cafeteria where the wall with the vending machines and the windows to the parking lot were.
  5. Your parents aren’t reading this, so what were some of the crazy (or just memorable) things you or your friends did while driving?
    I can remember drag racing up the street, lot of speeding, playing our music too loud, I did a lot of “parking” with my high school boyfriend behind his school, too. Mostly generally stupid-teenage stuff. I should not have been allowed to drive with my friends in the car.

Source: f.riday5.org