October 5, 2012 – Friday 5

So, I had every intention of getting up this morning and doing cardio to balance the strength training I’d done 2x this week, but yesterday ate me alive, and I was up very late all this week cramming reading in, so I opted to wuss out and just get up at “regular time.”

I regret nothing.

This weekend, Charlie and I are headed out of town, so I’m hoping that I’ll be escaping from cloudy Cleveland weather and can enjoy the leaves changing with some sunshine.

I think we’ll be taking Charlie’s ride, and since we’ve established that I don’t drive stick, I’m off the hook for driving and can get caught up on all of the items I’ve Pocket’ed through the week (including a boatload of fanfic) and read through them.

I may even try to get ahead in my textbook for class. Maybe.

Anyway, onward! To the Friday5!

  1. Where is your favorite tree?
    I have a tree in my memory that is/was on my family’s farm. It was a weeping willow near the pond. I think of that tree a lot when I see a weeping willow. I think that weeping willows, next to Japanese maples, are my favorite tree.
  2. Where is your favorite chair?
    My favorite chair currently is the down-stuffed sofa that belonged to my grandmother and got passed on to my mom. It’s a more formal sofa, but because the cushion is stuffed with down, it’s a great place to take naps.
  3. Who has your favorite hair?
    I love Wisely-Chosen’s hair. Love, love, love it. Every iteration.
  4. What’s your favorite mug (or other drinking vessel) like?
    It’s the bright orange, 32oz plastic stein I got this summer at ComFest. I use it as my drinking glass at the office. And that’s how I get 4L of water in a day.

  1. Where’s your favorite parking spot (not at home)?
    Probably my clandestinely-gained one in the parking lot at my office. Keeps me out of the elements!

Source: f.riday5.org