September 3, 2012

Well, I believe we can stick a fork in this summer, as it is Labor Day. I’m only a little sad to see it go. It’s been lovely having warm weather and long days, but I crave the changing fall foliage and the harvest season. K is of course, considering her options for being a snowbird and claims that I must be some kind of Fascist for loving this season.

Speaking of K, she got me into Mistresses late last week, so I’ve been spending an inordinate amount of time glued to my iPad and Amazon Instant Video. So of course, I spent the weekend poking around and adding Downton Abbey and Jiro Dreams of Sushi. I haven’t spent a lot of time streaming TV, maybe mostly out of this grandiose sense of “I’m better than the boob tube,” but now that I’ve had that first real hit of instant entertainment delivery into the vein, I definitely need to step up my game.

I was shopping for Roku boxes, and had decided on one, but Zero had an extra Playstation 3 laying around (as you do), so he is going to let me use it for the foreseeable future.

So, when he’s delivering the PS3, we’re also going to take our prints to get framed. He has the blueprint specs of the Batmobile that he’s framing, and I got this really cool Loki print in the style of Mucha.  Let’s be real: this is the grownup equivalent of having a Teen Beat poster on the wall, but at the end of the day, it’s still art. I also have plans to get some other comic-book-themed art in the future, too.

So, it’s the final semester, and I’ve already enjoyed the topics, and I like the professor. The only thing I’m not digging is the venue. We’re a class of 20 students, and they have it in the lecture hall. I find it had to believe that there is no other room in the building for us to have class. I think the thing I dislike the most is the size of the work surface I have to navigate.