May 25, 2012 – Friday 5

I’m going to enjoy this long weekend by spending time with family, getting stuff done around the house, going to a wedding shower, and hopefully getting through some more of my book that I’m working on. The good and bad thing about the summer semester at school is that there are less people roaming around, the school is running a lighter crew. When I remember to bring my lunch from home, I can sit in front of a window, eat, watch the world go by and get some reading done. I wasn’t able to do that  during the Spring/Fall semesters.

In the meantime, I’m hoping to get more of an opportunity to use my new camera. I rolled it out a little bit for my friend’s wedding shower, but I’m still trying to get the hand of the “intelligent focus” which, in my estimation, was an extremely under-achiever, if you ask me. But, practice makes perfect, and I’m looking forward to trotting it out again. I was desperate for a new camera that I could throw in my satchel when on vacations and be-bopping around, and this thing is just what I need, I’m just frustrated that I haven’t been able to master it. I clearly need to go back through the users manual.

Anyway, onwards! To the Friday5!

  1. What’s an interesting way you became introduced to someone?
    When I was working at Heinen’s in the summers my last two years in college, the customer service manager and I became close and would go to a nearby bar after closing the store for the night and have a few beers. She knew the bartender on call (the nephew of a hometown celebrity) and introduced me to him. His response, his pleasure at meeting me, was to rais his shirt and show me his nipple. My hand to God, this really happened.
  2. Upon first being introduced to someone, what pleasantry are you most likely to speak?
    That it’s a pleasure to meet them, and ask how’ve they been.
  3. What song do you think has a terrific first line?
    Well, a good opening, at least: “Here there is no revelry / The sadness needs no leavening / So loose your boots and sit yourself down.” Tarkio, Save Yourself
  4. What’s a film that started off poorly but turned out to be quite good?
    I can’t say. Usually, I will turn clunkers off if they start to suck, or they suck all the way through. Very few redeem themselves.
  5. What’s usually a good early sign that your weekend is going to be great?
    I have a good Friday day which will carry me through.