May 11, 2012 – Friday 5

  1. If you could get on a plane tomorrow, where would you go for a week? Where would you go for a month?
    Week: I would head down to Cave City, KY to spend a week doing the differnt cave tours and also hit the Kentucky Bourbon Trail (even though I’m not into bourbon, but hey); check out Berea, KY and buy some art.
    Month: I’d head out west and hit all of the major attractions, including Zion National Park; Four Corners; The Grand Canyon; Virginia City, MT; Cody, WY and the Buffalo Bill Historical Center; check out Gimes Point. For starters….
  2. Where do you want most to return to?
    Clearly, would love to return to Cave City and just southwestern Kentucky in general.
  3. What was your most memorable meal or drink while traveling?
    For now, the meal I had while traveling in Atlanta with my friend at the South City Kitchen. I just love Southern food, and it was perfect at South City Kitchen. Actually, I got a pretty good taste of it when Charlie and I went to Soho on W. 25th. I’ll definitely be going back there. Bourbon-covered bacon!
  4. What is the most breathtaking view in your city? How about from your travels?
    There are so many, especially when you love Cleveland as I do. Just last night, on my way home from Soho, I was cresting part of Route 2, which gave me a pretty good view of all the tall buildings downtown all lit up for the night. That’s a pretty spectacular view. So is the view of the city at night from the lake. The best view from my travels, though? This one.
  5. What’s the most touristy thing you’ve done?
    Honestly, I try to make every trip I go one as a ridiculously touristy. I try not to be an ugly tourist, but I also like to have a healthy dose of self-humor about myself, so I’m not above posing in front of Dr. Pemberton or Centennial Olympic Park, or at the Duquesne Incline, or at Fallingwater.