May 9, 2012

In the dregs of this semester, the last 4 weeks were spent trying to wring as much time out of my other group members as possible, trying to think forward, trying to plan for all contingencies, trying to have an answer to any off-the-wall question we would be bombarded with while presenting. The last two weekends were spent nearly entirely downtown with my group. The last two weeks, there was no real respite from the grind between work and school: I’d have a busy and productive day at work, but know that I’d get a break for about an hour between driving home and eating chow, and having to hole myself up for the evening in front of the computer doing research and arranging the material into PowerPoint slides.

At one point, I was fantasizing about all the things I couldn’t wait to do when I had time again. I even made a little list:

  • ride my bike through the Metroparks
  • go out to Lake Milton and bake in the sun
  • go see a movie, with a huge bag of popcorn and a gallon of soda
  • get a pedicure
  • read a book all afternoon
  • watch an hour of E! News while sitting and not working

For the record, I rarely go out to movies and it’s way too early in the season to be heading out to the Lake to bake in the sun. But the mind does crazy things when you’re chained to a desk.

It just made me glad that I can balance my checkbook and can go back to doing laundry again. No time for chores, Dr. Jones!

But, the presentation is complete, I have passed the course, and I’m clear to graduate when I accumulate the requisite amount of hours. This means I still have three electives to finish, and I will be able to start my alphabet soup at the end of my name.

Since I won’t be walking until next year, this all feels a little strange. All of the members of my team will be graduating this year, so for them, it’s crossing the finish line. For me, it’s like “hurry up and wait.” And while I’m all on board with everyone celebrating with me and this accomplishment (it was hard work), at the same time, I don’t want to use up all of my well-wishes, if that makes any sense.

I just feel so much lighter. I’m looking forward to this summer, and even though I’ll be back down at CSU 2 nights a week throught August, it doesn’t feel nearly as overwhelming.

I’m glad I got through it, I’m glad I learned as much as I did. But I am also so, so glad it’s over.