April 18, 2012

My skin has finally calmed  down since its recent aggravation when I got back from my business trip. Oh, sensitive skin, how I loathe thee…

Turns out, drinking gallons of aspartame in a week makes my skin go haywire. While I was away, I got back in the bad habit of drinking Diet Coke as regularly as breathing. Mind you, I had already fallen off the wagon a little before that, but during the conferences, the only think the conference center served in sealed containers were bottles of soda.

Since moving out to the country, I’ve developed a “thing” about drinking tap water (and, I like fizz, anyway), so I wasn’t really down with drinking the communal water out of the carafe. I’m pretty sure I was up to  96oz of soda/day on that trip, and then the only liquids I was drinking when I got back home was soda, too.

The lightbulb connection finally clicked on, and I realized I needed to get back on my seltzer kick. I headed over to Marc’s and got back on the wagon with 16 liters of seltzer, which I’ve been going through at a rate of roughly 2 liters per day.

The amount of times I have to use the restroom is unreal, but at least everything is starting to clear up.