April 12, 2012

As I am typing this, it is 9:40 and I am in my jammies, watching The Big Bang Theory, and relaxing. It feels almost sinful.

Though, that said, I just found out that if I want my name in the graduation program for the December 14th ceremony, I will need to have my application in by, oh — TOMORROW! So, I think I know what I’ll be frantically doing tomorrow evening….

But oh my God, guys, I’m going to be graduating. Well, hopefully, barring I don’t flunk the capstone course this semester. I don’t think I will, but “prepare for the worst, and hope for the best” and all that jazz.

In other news, does anyone have any ideas for where Charlie and I should go to dinner tomorrow? If I don’t have a solid idea tonight, we’ll spend half of date night trying to figure it out.