Still Not a Green Thumb

The other day, when I was be-bopping around Home Dropout, I ended up in the gardening section. I have two pots of herbs in my office, but I’m pretty sure I’ve been watering dead plants for about three weeks. I’m looking forward to starting a new herb garden in the spring, perhaps even starting a raised-bed vegetable garden.

In the meantime, HD had a lot of flats of succulents, which would go with my sempervivum, which I would repot with several other specimens into a rectangular pot.

Sempervivum, photo c/o Mateusza

Don’t be fooled though, I’m no green thumb: I’m pretty ignorant when it comes to plants. I had another plant sitting in the window of my office, and could not for the life of me figure out why it wouldn’t grow and pretty much looked like a stick. Lucky for me, I moved it to clean, got lazy about moving it back, and it has now thrived out of the harsh sun.

I picked up a few books while I was at the library to do some research in the meantime:

So, I have plenty of reading to do while I wait for Spring to come. Isn’t that the beauty of Spring? That it gives you something to hope for?