January 27, 2012 – Friday 5

I actually filled this out and am posting late, but I’m still applying it as a Friday post for the sake of my timeline.
Did I mention I finished my taxes on Friday? I guess the blessing and curse of a modest W2 income is that there isn’t a huge paper trail to account for. But, I got a refund, and for the first year in a row, I’m looking forward to putting it all to savings, and not paying down any debt. My days of consumer debt (as small as it was) are over!
I still don’t think I’m going to get a Kindle. I’m actually holding out for an iPad, because I’m now doing some freelance work where having the iPad will be pretty instrumental. But, that’s down to road.
All the same? Glad to have some extra dough in my pockets.
Onwards, to the Friday5!
  1. What are your favorite storage containers like?
    I like sturdy plastic ones with snap-on lids. This and this are both great examples of my favorites. You can see through to the contents, and they aren’t so large that you can’t lift them once they are filled, yet have enough room for differing-sized items.
  2. What seems to require more time and energy to store than it’s worth?
    I can just say that I can’t stand rotating in and out my summer and winter wardrobes. I’m getting to the point where I do have a lot of year-round-ready clothes that are in my closet, but it’s inevitable that a particular piece of clothing I want to wear got packed into storage two weeks earlier.
    Part of this comes from the most beloved/behatred Space Bags, which are great in theory, but pretty much every one I own has a micro tear in it (my fault, not the manufacturer’s). You should see my bags: I spent two hours one afternoon trying to duct tape the holes in them. Mostly, to small avail: I have a few space bags that slid under my bed just fine, but have now re-puffed and I can’t get them back out again without damn-near-destroying the bags.
  3. What unusual container are you storing something in?
    I currently have an empty Trader Joe’s feta cheese container that is keeping my smaller binder clips together in a drawer in my office. I also have a jar my brother hand-threw in ceramics in college that keeps my pop tabs together on my bookshelf.
  4. What packaged product has a container you really like?
    I’m really digging glass jars with metal lids right now. They’re sturdy and handy for various storage around the house. Usually, I use them to contain my salad toppings, leftover spaghetti sauce, salad dressing, whatnot.
  5. If you suddenly had some new storage space in your home, what would likely go there?
    Right now, I have a bunch of books, notebooks, house furnishings that don’t have anywhere to go and are sitting in the upper shelves of my closet, taking up room. I’d love to have a dedicated space for them.

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One thought on “January 27, 2012 – Friday 5

  1. I’m catching up on leaving comments! :D
    Congrats on not having your refund go to bills! That is so awesome!

    omg I hate Space bags. My mom hates to get rid of linens so I got a bunch to at least keep the dust off everything. They all got leaks in them just sitting on shelves. They truly suck.

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