January 6, 2012 – Friday 5

2012 so far feels like a good year. Everything feels a little clearer, a little sharper, but less intimidating at the same time. I’m actually experiencing the ability to visualize success. This is proving extremely helpful, as I’ve been at the gym three times this week, which is displaying a consistency I haven’t experienced in over a year.
I’m still working on a list of not resolutions, but goals for things I want to do this coming year. A couple of them include getting my concealed carry license, learning how to ballroom dance, and getting my passport (the gun and the passport are not linked, btw). I’ll be posting that soon here, too.
And now, onwards! To the Friday 5.
  1. If they could invent a remote control for something in your house that doesn’t have one, what would you wish it to be?
    Lately, the heater in my bathroom. That would be pretty awesome.
  2. What could your car really use that they just hasn’t invented yet?
    A hydrogen fuel cell.
  3. Who among your friends could probably be a great inventor if he or she had enough funding to do it?
    I have a co-worker who has a lot of drive to create things that fix problems.
  4. What invention seems to do its job in a less-satisfying manner than the old-fashioned way?
    60% of the items that one would “See on TV.”
  5. Lately, vending machines have gone beyond drinks and snacks: you can rent DVDs from them or even purchase iPods from them. What’s something your life could be improved by if it were available in vending machines?
    I’m a total impulse-shopper. There is no reason why non-food items should be sold out of a vending machine if I’m walking around with plastic.

Source: f.riday5.org

2 thoughts on “January 6, 2012 – Friday 5

    1. I LOVE the Friday 5’s because it’s a great way to talk about something, and not have to think of a whole lot. Sometimes, I put a lot thought into my answers, which spin off into a post by themselves almost. Sometimes, a one-sentence answer works just fine, too. Recently, I’ve enjoyed adding the lead-in before the list, too.

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