January 2, 2012

On New Year’s Eve, my mother let me borrow her Kindle, as she had purchased The Cleveland Creep. Since it was the latest in the¬†Milan Jacovich (pronounced MY-lan YOCK-ovich) mystery series set in Cleveland, and I made point in my last Day Zero Project to read the whole series¬†(which I did), I figured I’d keep up reading the latest installments. So, I picked it up between loads of laundry.

I had reservations about getting my own Kindle, but a lot of them came before I actually read two books on them (in two days). The reality is that my reservations still stand. Books aren’t cheap on them, there’s a limited selection from the Ohio Consortium of Libraries, and a lot of the books I’d like to read aren’t out on Kindle yet, or will be, ever.

But oh my Lord, it is so shiny! And I like things that are shiny! And I read more books in the last two days than it felt like I read all year. And now, they are so much cheaper than they were even a year ago, and have tons of models.

I still have better access to paper books, so I’ll be still working my way through the literary world that way. But, I think I’ll definitely be starting a rainy-day fund for my own Kindle.