December 28, 2011

Since Lara posted her Christmas haul, I thought I would share mine, too.

So, here’s what you’re seeing (clockwise from top left): 27 rolls of wrapping paper, underneath 10 bags of bows; six packages of different-sized boxes, 4 sleeves of tissue paper, two boxes of label tags, 8 sleeves of label tags, 3 rolls of Scotch tape; 18 spools of curling/wrapping ribbon, different colors, sizes, and lengths; 25 spools of cotton/wire ribbon.

Now, that said, this is the accumulation of about three years of day-after-Christmas clearance grabbing, but the box of curling ribbon was purchased this year, as well as the gift boxes and tissue paper.

These boxes stack taller than I am, pretty much.

I should have had a cat lay in front of these boxes to show a scale comparison.