December 20, 2011

So, here’s a good graph on my non-work productivity in the last three weeks or so.
I still haven’t unpacked from my vacation, and I just got back from an office party, and have no interest in unpacking or getting ready for tomorrow. Here I am, blogging.
Since yesterday, I was so geeked about my final grade, and traveling back home, I’m going to post my Grace in Small Things today.
  1. Yuengling is legal in Ohio! I can now order it when I’m out and ordering a beer. So tasty!
  2. TMI, probably, but for Grandpa’s Thylox soap, which is the only thing helping my stress acne breakouts on my chest and shoulders right now.
  3. Sunday afternoon naps while spooning.
  4. The Nerdist Way, which I got as my gift for Secret Santa, and am totally digging right now!
  5. 3M Medipore Tape, which is awesome: when my cuticles go belly up, I can use this to protect them until they grow back without having a BandAid that falls off when I even think about touching a glass of water; also, a great way to keep my earbuds in when I’m running.

Wage a battle against embitterment and take part in Grace in Small Things.