December 16, 2011 – Friday 5

It’s Yule Day! I’m so excited because it’s finally here, and it means that yes, I actually made it through Hell Fortnight of finals.

Charlie and I still have to wrap our gifts, and I need to make our potluck dish. But I’m really excited to see what other food will be there, I’m looking forward to seeing our friends, and I’m looking forward to how this Yule will shake out.

Onwards, to the Friday5!

  1. What wins your award for Best Supporting Household Appliance?
    That would be a well-sharpened 6″ (I have smaller hands and a 6″ fits me better /that’s what she said) chef’s knife.
  2. What wins your award for Outstanding Performance by Something that Comes in a Bottle or Can?
    Diet Coke. I know that it is horrible for me, but swear to god-particle, it’s the best thing that comes in a can. Liquid gold.
  3. Who wins your award for Excellence in Poor Timing?
    Me. I’m reminded of this incident as on Tuesday, I went to my high school’s alumnae Christmas party and re-told this story. At our five-year reunion, Charlie and I ran into the sister of a student he went to school with. I asked her how her brother was doing, her response was her face going ashen and telling me he had passed away. I found out later that not only had he passed away, but it was sudden, and had happened two weeks before. There was no way I could have known, but I felt like a total shitweasel about it. I still do.
  4. What wins your award for Wardrobe Newcomer of the Year?
    My cowboy boots. I wear them 5/7 days per week. They go with everything!
  5. What wins your award for Outstanding Achievement in Stealing Time?
    Oh Internet, you time-sucking delight, you!
  6. (bonus question!) The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences calls its trophy the Oscar. The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences calls its trophy the Grammy. What do you call yours?
    The Sticky Wicket (gold, silver, and bronze categories).

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