Grace in Small Things #5

Well, my Christmas cards are done, as are the joint cards with Charlie. I wish they looked a little neater, but this year, I’m going for getting them done, rather than getting them done perfectly. That puts me way further ahead than last year. Who knows, maybe I will hand-gild all of them next year!
(Yeah, right…)
By the way, the new-lease-on-workout life is going well. Again, just shooting for getting in the gym, getting moving, and consistency. The results will come, or so I am told. Now, I need to tweak the diet a little bit (less “letting go” when I’m dining out), and more nutritious food when making my own food.
Anyway, I guess this was all a ham-fisted way to segue into this week’s Grace in Small Things…
  1. Sweatpants after working out (the only time I wear them)
  2. Trashy, 1000 Ways to Die while filling out Christmas cards
  3. Diet Vernors
  4. Orly Bonder, which has been the only thing to keep my nail polish from chipping after 4 hours
  5. Going to bed early…totally need it!

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