November 20, 2011

Anyone else out there feeling blerg about the upcoming holidays?

I’m not dreading them, per se, I’m just not in giddy anticipation of sugarplum fairies is all.

I’m also trying to cobble together the master Christmas list, and I’m just not feeling it. There’s nothing frivolous that I want, and I feel weird asking for a bottle of Matte About You, or a 6-pack of my favorite mousse because I’ve been spread thin after bills to be able to get it….

I’m guessing this is what it means to become a real, boring grown up: suddenly, you’re yearning for socks and undies to unwrap.

I’m sure I’ll get into the spirit in a couple of weeks, but right now, I could use another fortnight of October smashed in around here.

3 thoughts on “November 20, 2011

  1. Money has been super tight between us too this year. I was really starting to freak out and then he finally got a commission check and I got a raise but still…. I don’t want anything!
    I had to dig really deep to tell him I wanted a weighted hula hoop and an emjoi pedicure thing.
    Bf doesn’t really want anything major either so, I’m killing myself trying to find cool little things – which add up fast.

    I cook a huge dinner for Thanksgiving but we get Chinese takeout for x-mas so that’s a relief. Everyone wants friggin cookies though. I’m not in the mood to bake at all.

    Decorations will be at a minimum since we have terror kitten.

    It’s hard to get in the spirit when you can’t even get through Thanksgiving without having to think about x-mas.

    1. I cannot stop giggling at “terror kitten.” I can pretty much guarantee that whenever I pass by the tree this year, there will be two sets of eyes staring out of it at me.

      I literally asked for a few things that were listed as “eventuals” on my shopping list. And honestly, I’ll be happy to have them, too!

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