November 19, 2011

I can now mark another item as “in progress” on my Day Zero list.

Charlie turned in the truck a few weeks ago, and has purchased a Kia Forte Koup, in a stick shift. And, since my lease is woefully over miles, I said that we needed to start taking his car on our trips. To which, he replied, “Fine, but you have to learn stick.”

So, I guess I’m learning how to drive stick.

He has a point about the necessity, now that he drives stick. But, where he seems to think that I will turn into a stick-shift-loving convert, I am seeing it as more of a necessary evil. I’m done fighting learning, so on our date last night, we went out to dinner, and then to the parking lot behind my mother’s office, where I started learning.

Here’s roughly how it went:
Charlie: Okay, now ease off the clutch…and, start the car again…

Honestly, it wasn’t that bad: I didn’t stall out often, and I got a real hang at moving upwards through the gears. I’m better at getting started than I am at slowing down to a stop. I figure I can probably just stall it to stop it at every light…. Kidding!

…Sort of…

2 thoughts on “November 19, 2011

    1. I’m sure eventually, it will be fine, and I will know how to drive it, but I certainly won’t ever yearn for it. I’m happy enough toodling around in my automatic..

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