November 18, 2011 – Friday 5

Had my doctor’s appointment this morning, which turned into a more routine, “hey, it’s been a year, how have you been?” kind of meeting than a, “well, it looks like those tonsils need to go” one. So, thank the god-particle for that.
He wants to wait a year to see how many times I contract strep through the end of this year and in 2012 before we make a decision on a tonsillectomy. And, seeing as the world will be ending in 2012, it looks like I won’t have to worry too much about it, hooray!
Onwards, to the Friday5!
  1. When did you last move residences?
    In 2006 when I graduated from college.
  2. What song leaves you completely unmoved even though it seems everyone else is moved by it?
    Anything by the Beibs.
  3. On what kinds of mornings is it easiest for you to jump out of bed and get moving?
    When I have something to do for the day, rather than quasi-plans.
  4. What object do you get most annoyed about when people move it without letting you know?
    When people try to load the dishwasher and end up inefficiently cramming a bunch of shit in there.
  5. In what way are you waiting on someone else to make a move?
    Charlie has a cold, which might put a damper on Date Night. I’m waiting to see if he decides to stay in tonight (perfectly acceptable), or feels well enough to go out.

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