November 16, 2011

A colleague and I are both on a mission to change the items that we purchase from those that are cheap and easily disposable, to those that may be more expensive, but have a longer useful life.

I wholly support this idea, I just wish I could have nice things.

I mean, I have no problem saving for and buying nice things, I just seem to be very unlucky keeping my nice things nice. New car? Scratched the paint within two months; big chip in the windshield. New leather shoes? Scratched the leather off the heels by sinking the heel in a crack in the cobblestones. New coat? Destroyed in a year from salty snow (added bonus: missing button!) because I didn’t Scotch-guard it, or take it to the drycleaners.

The more items I seem to destroy, the one major lesson I learn about having nice things: the cost of the item is rarely just the price one paid originally. It means factoring the cost of waterproofing my leather boots for winter, finding a good cobbler, taking the car to get washed regularly, having my beloved coat “winterized” before the next season….

All of these things are acceptable costs for me, as something I need to do to keep nice things. I just wish I hadn’t destroyed so many things before I learned this lesson.

3 thoughts on “November 16, 2011

  1. I was just talking w/ someone about this. We both finally splurged and bought pricey bags ($80 was pricey for me, hers was a lot more) and both of ours got terrible scratches that ruined the look in a few months.
    I will never buy an expensive bag ever again.

    Can’t begin to count the amount of shoes I’ve ruined… cashmere sweater got a hole in it I can’t fix… furniture gets a chip in it… it’s just life.

    I like finding really nice things for dirt cheap. You get the quality but don’t get physically ill when it dies. Of course, that means constant scouring of TJ Maxx and thrift stores!

    1. When I got my first “adult person” job, I bought a beautiful, classic Coach bag that I used for six weeks, and has since sat in it’s duster (four years now), because I’m terrified of ruining it. Still trying to figure out if it’s been worth it.

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