Mmm Pie!

Well, I’ve bought another year subscription for a Flickr Pro account, so you will continue to see photos cross-posted between there and here, and some expanded photos there.
Because pie crusts are so damn finicky, I tend to avoid making apple pie, even if it is several people’s favorites. But, since I got the press punch I mentioned in my last post, I thought I’d make a go of it. Here’s how it went:

I ended up making two: one for my family, and one for Sunday Night Dinner. They were hits in both houses.Here’s some tips I have about pie making:
  • use your grandma’s recipe: she knew what she was doing
  • use lard: it’s not as bad for you as those would have you believe, as long as you are using non-shelf-stable (i.e. needs to be refrigerated) stuff
  • roll out that pie dough on sheets of saran: much easier to roll, way easier to get into a pie pan

And, now I have enough leftover apples that I think I’m going to make some Apple Brown Betty.

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