October 12, 2011

So, just to twist the knife in the chest of what is already a too-short season of nice weather in Cleveland, I recently started working on the labels that would go on the joint Christmas cards for Charlie and I.

I think the final design is a go, pending Charlie’s approval:

The more I get experience in design work, the more firmly I believe that simpler design is more elegant and makes a bigger impact. This has just enough in it that it looks both classy and fun.

I opted for a vertical layout because it’s not done often, and provides a great modern twist on a classic design. I’ve planned for these labels to be printed on the Avery 15660 clear labels so that the recipient can see the envelope through the label. Since I’ve already bought several packs of Christmas cards, I know that the majority of my stock comes in cream and white color envelopes, so the text will be easy to read.

I used a snowman as the main image because Charlie collects snowmen for his winter decorations. In fact, every year at Yankee Peddler, I get him a new snowman-type tchotchke for his collection.

So, what about a¬†colophon, you ask? Well, Susie, here’s the details, so you can make your own.

I also designed some for just me and my list of Christmas cards, which I will post at a later date. As is, I’m really pleased with how these turned out, and am really looking forward to using them this year.